Visitors' Questionnaire

Dear Visitors,

5pEXPO Management will make everything to make your visit useful. It is important that the Business Program fits your needs fully.
How to value an exhibition
How to set participation aims correctly
When the preparation for participation shall start
How to set an exhibition budget
How to calculate a number of your stand visitors and volume of sales after an exhibition
How to estimate booth area
How to choose the best place at an exhibition
How to choose a construction company
How to organize a tender among constructor companies
How to organize a booth area and present exhibits
How to attract attention to your booth
How to use sponsors and additional marketing services
How to choose ideal souvenirs
What is the most dangerous at exhibitions and how to avoid it
How to prepare everything for an exhibition and leave nothing behind
How to ensure the safety of valuables
How to distribute information materials
What your exhibition staff has to know and be able to do
How do you your exhibition staff has to look like and behave
What you can and cannot do at your stand
How to make your staff work better
What do visitors seek. What always carries an intrigue. What attract and frighten off.
Why is it important to invite visitors to your stand in advance
What to do if you have many visitors and what to do if you have little.
What you shall not do when you talk to visitors. How to listen. How to answer. How to end your talk.
How to limit talks with non-target visitors
How to transfer visitors into clients
How to run an advertising action
How to organize business and scientific events within an exhibition
How to run a marketing research within an exhibition
How to cooperate effectively with exhibition organizers
How to feed yourself well at an exhibition
How to work corporate expo-style out
How to estimate exhibition effectiveness
What you shall do after an exhibition
11 reasons why exhibitors fail to reach the maximum effectiveness
Examples of effective exhibiting. Leading exhibiting companies secrets of success.
Participation in foreign exhibitions.

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